The Association has two classes of members: Active Members and Honorary Members. Active members are persons residing within the boundaries of the 16th Street Neighborhood Association who are twenty-one years of age or over, whose household pays the annual dues. Active Members have one vote in all corporate matters presented before the membership including the election of officers and the Executive Committee. Honorary Members are any person, twenty-one years or older, elected as such by a majority of a quorum of the Active Member at any membership meeting. Honorary Members do not have a right to vote in the affairs of the Association unless permitted by vote of a majority of a quorum of the Active Members at any membership meeting.

Annual dues for membership in the Association are determined by the Executive Committee. Payment of annual dues are a requirement to be an Active Member in the Association. The current membership fee is $30 per household, which entitles each member of that household, 21 years and over, to voting rights within the Association.

To join, please fill out the form below, and click on the DONATE button at the bottom of the page to pay dues online. 

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