Located within the 16th Street Heights neighborhood of upper northwest Washington, D.C., the 16th Street Neighborhood Association is a catalyst for community engagement for the more than 500 households within its boundaries. The Association’s boundaries are: between Upshur Street, NW and 16th Street, NW on the south, Decatur Street, NW on the north, 16th Street, NW on the West and 14th Street, NW on the East. The Association’s mission is the promotion of the civic and social welfare interests of those living within its boundaries, through working together on common issues, the exchange of ideas and information, and celebrating the historic uniqueness of our neighborhood.

The 16th Street Neighborhood Association is several decades old and has a long history of building connections among neighbors through social events and community activism. The Association holds regular monthly meetings; produces a quarterly newsletter that is distributed to each household and business within its boundaries; maintains an electronic mailing list (Listserv) open to all within its boundaries; participates in public hearings and forums in advocacy of the interests of the community; and holds numerous social events to promote cooperation, camaraderie and community.

We welcome all who are interested in the celebration, preservation and evolution of our century old neighborhood to attend our meetings, join with us on common issues and have fun at our many events.