Community Safety and Crime Prevention

Chair: Pat Lute

One of the strengths of our neighborhood is the since of history and connectedness with have with each other. It is the mission of the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Committee to bring together neighbors throughout the 16th Street Heights neighborhood to create safe communities and reduce the opportunity for crime through enhanced partnerships and communications with local law enforcement, business, government and non-profit civic organizations. For more information, contact Carrie at


Zoning Issues and Neighborhood Livability

Chair: Vacant

16th Streets Heights a century-old, mostly residential neighborhood of quiet tree lined streets with a diverse architecture of Wardman style rowhouses, duplexes, American Craftsman and American Foursquare detached houses. People choose to live here because of the residential, single-family homes that characterize our neighborhood. Recent trends to create multi-family homes out of once single-family homes threaten the historic character of our Neighborhood. The Zoning and Livability Committee is the watchdog for changes in zoning regulations that threaten the unique character and livability of our neighborhood. In particular, the Zoning and Livability Committee monitors the rules and regulations of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) and the Zoning Commission, intervenes and provides testimony in agency hearings on behalf of neighborhood interests and provides information to members on issues that impact the livability or our neighborhood.


Seniors and People with Special Needs

Co-Chairs: Dot Walker and Sandra Lesesne

The mission of the Seniors and People with Special Needs Committee is to champion the needs of, and outreach to, seniors and people with special needs in our community, who because of lack of internet access, mobility or other issues, are not able to fully participate in community life. The committee is charged with identifying those neighbors who might need the Committee’s support services; ensuring members with mobility issues have the means to attend Association meetings/events; creating communications links to keep members without online resources or skills informed of Association activities; and providing linkage to government services and other neighbors who can provide members with support. For more information, contact Dot at and Sandra at