Welcome to the 16th Street Neighborhood Association (SSNA). Located within the 16th Street Heights neighborhood of upper northwest Washington, D.C., the SSNA is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization and a catalyst for community engagement for the more than 500 households within its boundaries.

The SSNA strives to:

  • Create a sense of community and good citizenship through working together on common issues;
  • Promote the exchange of ideas and information;
  • Maintain the safety and livability of our neighborhood;
  • Enhance the beauty and cleanliness of 16th Street Heights;
  • Ensure that all who live here have an opportunity to participate in community life; and
  • Preserve and enhance the historic character of our century old neighborhood.

We welcome all who are interested in the celebration, preservation and evolution of our unique neighborhood to attend our meetings, join with us on common issues and have fun at our many events.